A dress can be the most versatile garment in your wardrobe, you can dress it up for an occasion or down for an informal lunch depending on accessories and shoes.

However, it’s not easy to find the perfect frock.

No one fits the same size from shoulder to knee. Sometimes the proportions are not quite right - maybe the waist is not in the right place, the sleeves are missing or the neckline doesn't work. You can end up paying so much for alterations to a dress, and it may never quite feel right.

Dresses are usually ready within 3 fittings and with a turnaround of at least 3 weeks.


Designing your perfect dress with us means deciding on all the details, from sleeve length to neckline shape. It can be difficult to imagine the final result, so we always leave enough allowance during the first fitting to make any necessary changes later on. By not cutting away too much, we are able to continue adapting the dress in line with the original idea.

We’ll work with your measurements and never think about sizes. We can give you ideas and suggestions about the ideal dress design and shape that will complement your body shape and proportions. If you are lucky enough to already have the perfect dress in your wardrobe and it’s your favourite, why not bring it in and we can do a copy? Perhaps in a different colour or print or in a different fabric for another season.


In our shop you can find a beautiful seasonal range of high quality Italian fabrics, from silks and laces for special occasions to wools and cotton for work and everyday but you are more than welcome to bring your own fabric and we’ll change only for our work.

A stock of plain colours is always available as well and we can order swatches for cottons, silks, chiffons, wool crepe and more. 


"Annalisa and Christopher are a very talented young Italian couple who design and make FABULOUS clothes. They personally select all their fabrics in Italy and they are gorgeous. They will make to your suggestions, recommend styles of their own. Not just for special occasions, but just to make you feel good ...... and different. Cannot recommend their services more highly."