We don’t do sizes, we work with your measurements


It can be stressful for us ladies trying on endless garments in the shops and nothing fitting quite right. The neckline should have been different, the sleeves longer and you are left wondering whether you are not the right shape or size.

In our Atelier, we often get asked which sizes we go up to or down to, if we do petite or curvy, short or tall. We don’t do any of those. We believe, and know, that no one fits a standard size or style and we exclusively work with your measurements and personality to create the perfect dress, jacket, suit or shirt.


Every garment we create is unique and designed for you -  from the perfect shape, style and fit to the right fabric choice that will fit you and no one else. The design is adjusted to complement your body shape and your needs. We never impose our ideas but work together for the best outcome.

Bespoke tailoring might seem at first a long journey between the decision making and the fitting before collecting the finished garment but it’s worth it. Once you have tried it, you will find it addictive because the only thing you have to worry about is what you like and need for your wardrobe.


A made-to-measure order usually takes between 2-5 weeks and all the garments are made in our workshop in St Albans


The design process is the first step where we discuss the design, and you are measured for your outfit. During the process we also help with styling your outfit, especially for special occasions, and provide swatches of the chosen fabrics which is handy when shopping for accessories.


After two weeks, we are ready for your first fitting. This is where we make any final adjustments to the outfit to create an ideal fit and decide on the right length. We would also talk about any finishing touches, such as adding a trim, lowering the neckline or choosing the perfect buttons.


During the final fitting your order is ready, or almost ready, for collection! We check everything is in order or if it needs any final tweaks and that you are completely satisfied. We like to go the extra mile and ensure that all our clients are happy and leave with the perfect outfit.


"Annalisa and Christopher are a very talented young Italian couple who design and make FABULOUS clothes. They personally select all their fabrics in Italy and they are gorgeous. They will make to your suggestions, recommend styles of their own. Not just for special occasions, but just to make you feel good ...... and different. Cannot recommend their services more highly."